Quadraped using servos  


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2019-08-01 5:04 am  


This is one of my first forays into Arduino. Thanks to the wonderful content and ideas posted on this site I was able to rig a small project.

Tried creating a quadraped using servos and some toy mechanix parts. Some key learnings

- Gait analysis of how babies move to order the timing of servos. My 8 yr old daughter explained it to me with a live demo. I was getting it wrong earlier

-Need to have adequate friction on the feet . Added rubber bands

- Centre of gravity needs to be low, else the assembly tends to tip over . Added some weights to the centre

video uploaded to you tube.

quadraped demo

Next steps - use ultrasound sensor for navigation, use gyro for stability (to rectify the ungainly gait), use RF sensors / SIM to go wireless

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Pretty cool for a first project.  Not too many people dive right in to build a robot right away.  Once you become wireless the thing will take over your entire home.

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Really nice!


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