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Power Wheel with a soundboard  


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2020-06-16 9:52 pm  

My daughter just turned 3, so for her birthday I fixed up an old Dune Racer Power Wheel with some fresh paint, new motors, new battery, and of course.. a little radio that plays her favorite songs.  The sound board is the Adafruit 16MB FX something or other.  3" Adafruit speakers as well in some simple 3D printed boxes. Just some simple pushbuttons where the speedometer sticker used to be so she can reach them easily while cruising around the yard.  By popping up a single panel by the shifter, I can connect my laptop and change out the songs to whatever she'd like, but I don't see her outgrowing Paw Patrol soon enough....




(Kid's obsessed with Target, the store. She had a Target themed birthday party and wanted to dress like a Target employee, name badge and all... Lol.)


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2020-06-17 9:06 pm  

My granddaughter would love that!

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