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DIY flashlight kit - my experience

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The kit arrived that I ordered here .  I assembled it.

1. Clever circuit design boosting 1.5V from AAA battery to ~3V for LED.

2. Battery "holder" is cheap and puts too much pressure on the battery. I cropped 1/3 off the negative terminal, which fixed the problem.

3. I do NOT like the case. It allows little room for error. You must install all components to some unspecified "perfect" for the case to close properly.

Suggestion to builders: Position and solder the LED so only the smallest part of its tip enters the hole in the case.

4. The light produced is better than my original low expectations.


Overall, I recommend the kit, but I wish the designer would change the case so the hole is large enough for the LED to protrude by whatever amount I choose.

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