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Autonomous Tonka

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Im currently building out this project where Im converting a Tonka truck into an autonomous drone of sorts. It wont do much other than use an ultrasonic sensor to navigate its environment but its provided me with some opportunity to learn how to use shift registers and H bridges. I created a Google site for it and am updating it pretty regularly.

In the event you take a look, please feel free to give me any feedback, I would appreciate that. Im planing on adding a light sensor so that I can have its lights automatically come on when its dark and turn off when its light.


  • Motor driving navigation
  • Shift register implemented head and tail lights
  • Eventually implement a light sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor for obstacle avoidance


I will also be posting code to GitHub once I get to that point. I will share that  link a bit later.

Google Project Site

IMG 20200118 135653
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