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Easy VR Shield for Arduino

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Is anyone here familiar with the Easy VR Voice Recognition Shield for Arduino? I have one and was excited to get it to work. I did get it responding to commands, etc. while mounted on an UNO. However, this was just the VR code/libraries by itself, no other code related to any other aspect of my robot's functionality. I added my wires to the correct pins on the shield for my motors and such, but they wouldn't work with the shield. The shield breaks out all the pins for the UNO and I hooked them up exactly the way they are without the shield, no effect. I uploaded the original code for the VR back to the UNO, and that wouldn't work either! The only way it works is on an UNO (and I tried a couple) that is dedicated only to itself. I might be new to this, but what in the world is the point to a shield that you can't plug anything else into?


Edit: Ok, I've tracked down a possible issue. My robot can communicate via Bluetooth or nRF24L01 radio. It seems that both of these things don't work with this shield, which is why my motors and other things aren't working that receive commands that way. The VR library makes heavy use of Serial ports, so I wonder if there is a conflict somewhere...