Mechanical construction turntable and power supply  


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06/08/2019 1:14 am  

I am preparing for the construction of the DB1. Although I am a technician by profession and experienced in electrical installations, electronics and robotics are a new area for me. I will follow the original design as much as possible because I think I will be less in trouble. In the mechanical field I want to be stubborn as I am trying out a number of things in my own way.
For example, I intend to construct the turntable in such a way that mounted sensors do not come across the pillars, so that camera images or signals can be disturbed. To construct a stable whole I do not want to mount the disc directly on a stepper motor but I want to mount the disc on a Gear Drive Pan Kit.



I want to use a so-called Slip Ring for the power supply to the turntable.


image .

I have to say that the preparation for the construction already gives me a lot of pleasure. I make sure that I always fall behind for 6 months on the original design so that modifications can be processed immediately.

With kind regards from the Netherlands Jan Korteweg

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Hi Jan

The Drive Pan kit is an excellent idea, I love it!  I also had looked at the slip-rings myself a bit earlier, cool to see that you were eyeing them as well.



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