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SLC Micro SD cards

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Apparently, for the next season (2023) the First Robotics competition will use a new brain. This one will have a micro SD card. The robotics mentors are all recommending SLC Micro SD cards. These are the cards used in industrial situations. I have gone through a parade of cheap SD cards in my RPis, and had more corruption then success. So I believe the various mentors who have recommended the SLC cards are right. The trouble is, where do you find an inexpensive SLC card?

These are the choices I found. I think the SanDisk industrial is an SLC card. I don't think the other one is.

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If anyone has a source for inexpensive SLC regular or micro SD cards please pose a reply here!


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I notice you have not gotten a response (I think - I'm new here so I am making a bunch of goofs). While I do not do robotics, I do use a considerable number of SD cards.  I use them in Nikon & Alpha cameras (50mb + size photos), In RPi for OS, Drone for recording video, and {Desk|Lap} top backUp.  For a while SanDisk were my choice. Sometimes Transcend and a few other brands.

I find, currently, Samsung EVO Select (whether Red or Green) sutitable for most things.

You may not have visited: .  It might prove useful in making your decision to purchase.

When the robot is in action, is it writing to the Card or is it just reading?  That might be a decision point.

Cost, these days, may not be as important as availability?

Maybe this will in some way ease the need for the SLC Flash if MLC Flash can be used in your robotics needs?

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