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Raspberry Pi pico can not download other programs

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I have a question, I copied the program into Raspberry Pi pico when I was working on the project of thermal printer parking system, after that I tried to copy other programs but they failed, is it because the pico board can only copy one program?

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By now you may have gotten the answer? If not ...

I am just starting to play with the Pico. My experience so far shows that:

The Pico stores a single program in its flash memory that it executes once if not in a loop; or forever if it is in a loop which is what microprocessors are supposed to do, I believe.

If in a loop, the program stops only when the Pico is stopped by power off or forced reboot.

A reboot is required when a program terminates, too!

I believe the first program will stay in the Pico's flash memory until removed, completely overwritten or nuked (see and the set up files (.uf2))

In assembler the program can jump to a label based on some condition (GPIO) which might solve some of your concern BUT other problems and concerns may surface if one forgets to understand all the ramifications involved in all the actions and events that may or may be soon occuring. On second thought probably not a good idea?

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