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How about a new region called "Best Practice"?  

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2020-08-26 12:03 pm  
Posted by: @pugwash

The forum has 1877 members, therefore 1877 different opinions 🤣 

This is not an entirely accurate number

I've been known to hold multiple conflicting opinions simultaneously

Therefore that number should be significantly higher than 1877

And if you're concerned about me having any feelings of cognitive dissonance, don't be...

I'm used to it

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2020-08-26 12:41 pm  


Therefore that number should be significantly higher than 1877

I would tend to think that the number would be considerably lower, as the vast majority would be completely disinterested.

I also believe that "Best Practices" is entirely subjective most of the time, but can be useful if you want to avoid injuring or killing yourself. And I certainly wouldn't have the audacity to suggest that any of my methods would be better than anybody else's.

But, this is an example of a "best practice" that I learned over 40 years ago, but is also a safety issue!

When diluting acids, add acid to water and not water to acid!

Adding water to sulphuric acid creates large amounts of heat with the possibility that the mixture could explode in your face. Adding sulphuric acid to water also creates heat but doesn't explode in your face.

For the last 30 years, I have been working directly and indirectly in Quality Assurance, which when used properly is a good tool to improve processes and we also use the "Lessons learned" system, as mentioned by @wolfgangw. But in an implemented QA system, the ideal way of achieving a goal is regularly being changed according to lessons learned.

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2020-08-26 6:23 pm  

Adding water to caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) also produces an explosive heat (an exothermic reaction) which I found out the hard way. On the other hand adding Urea to water cools the water down (an endothermic reaction). I used both chemicals on the farm.

So best practice for safety is a real issue.

In the case of electronics there is the issue of dealing with mains high voltage, high current. Again something I experienced accidentally! Yes I have also accidentally touched the wrong end of a soldering iron.  Proper ventilation is also good practice. Indeed the layout of your electronic bench might include best practice.  Things like static electricity requiring grounding. With circuit design things like fuses are an example of best practice.  Most of this I just learned by experience and never thought to "spell it out" for other people's benefit.

With software there is the issue of failure which of course you can't afford to happen if it is controlling machinery like an aeroplane or medical equipment or a nuclear reactor or a robot thus the need for taking that into account when writing software.



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