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Power supplies  


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2020-02-27 2:13 pm  

I´m building a power supply and need 18 V and 5-12 V. A power pack from an old printer says output
32 V 1,3 A and 24 V 0,95 A. Measuring the pins in unloaded mode I get only 1 + pin and 3 x 7 V pins.

Can´t see how that figures…? 
So, if there´s an easy way of finding out (w/ some sort of load?) the optimal Vs and As for any given supply,
pls answer...

PS thanks for letting me in to the forum, I´m really glad I found DroneBot among all the sites available.
Bill´s videos are outstanding.

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2020-03-02 12:08 pm  

Hi guys,

I know that I am in a wrong place.  I just joined in the forum but ((I have no clue what to do to take it from here)).  I'd appreciate it if some one give me so idea how to introduce myself and such and the steps involved.


I thank for your time in advance.



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2020-03-03 10:16 am  



if you scroll down on the Forums main page, you'll find this, where you can click on the "Introduce Yourself" sub-folder.


Then you can "Add Topic" here :



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2020-05-06 10:46 pm  

Hi folks!

I just want to share that I am beginning my first project in a long time. I thought it would be great to have a DIY bench supply. I picked up a MAP110-4300 PSU like this one: MAP110-4300.

In order of priority ... and somewhat also *probability* 😉

   1) workable regulated power supply with basic functionality

   2) USB Charge port 

   3) USB 3.0 data hub with more AMPS for hungry hard drives and peripherals 

   4) Battery charging / backup / UPS kind of portable supply (poss using old laptop batteries)

I'm also trying to get comfortable blogging so I thought I'd use this space before going full-hog in the open-web.



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2020-05-07 1:27 am  

@m4krd4d That looks to be a nice PSU!

I have a couple of supplies I use now and just added a PC ATX supply to my bench in the past week or so.  I have added a USB power module board to it as well. I think you will like having a good PSU, as it makes things easier to do.

For me, any form of communication is hard and has always been that way. I tend to write better than I can talk. I'm very antisocial, ADHD, and have a mild form of autism. The lockdown has not really changed much for me in the way of work as I worked from home anyway and when I was on-prem, I was in a remote location almost alone 🙂

I hope you have a lot of fun with the project and many more to come!

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2020-05-31 4:08 am  

Thanks @triform!

[spoiler title="Thanks @triform"][/spoiler]

I appreciate the encouragement. 


Right now, I'm trying to understand where to put fuses.