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Shields and how to power them

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hi, i assembled the classical 2 wheels platform with ultrasonic sensor for avoiding obstacles, and trying to add optical speed sensor and so on.

Iam having many  difficulties in identify the correct way to power many shields im using in correct way, without make any damage to components or arduino.

In few words, really would be great if you could illustrate and explain the correct way for use many most common shields, as motor shield, sensor shield, and how to interconnect one other , powering them in the correct way. I see there are many 'bridge' to put or remove for 'driving' power line, but often i cant find a CLEAR datasheet related to them anyway. I have searched so long on internet, but often, these components lacks a clear documentation that a beginner can understand.

what do you think? could be usefull to many?

thank you

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