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Proteus -simulation and design software tool.

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I have reviewed your video " Getting Started with PlatformIO". It is very informative and well explained as always. Would you please consider to reviewing Proteus, by Labcenter Electronics  ( ) to allow simulation and PCB design. It has hundreds of boards, libraries and platforms. One feature I especially like is to ability to simulate hundreds controllers, various electronic components and development boards. It has tools in form of oscilloscope, generators, voltmeter, amperemeter, counter, etc. It's very practical and a lot of fun to develop application without buying hardware. Thank you in advance.

  1. Tutorial - Proteus VSM for Microcontroller Co-Simulation: Video Link
  2. Tutorial - Visual Designer - Grove Sensor Night Light: Video Link
  3. Tutorial - Introducción IoT Builder for Arduino: Video Link
  4. Tutorial - Introducción PCB Design: Video Link
  5. TOP 5 Features Proteus VSM: Video Link

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