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Projects with HID Devices

Rimu Roy
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Can anyone help me giving a information?
Can i make HID projects , i mean host with devices interaction with esp32 board ?
Host with devices interaction normally can be made in 32U4 or SAMD based micro boards but i have esp32 board now.

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Hi @rimu-roy,

  The term 'HID' is rather broad, so I am not sure what you are expecting.In fact, Wikipedia lists several interpretations of 'HID, , so I can only guess you mean Human Interface Device.

ESP32 microcontrollers, as normally packaged in a small module, are in many ways much the same as other microcontrollers, in that provide the usual GPIO pins, analogue inputs, microprocessor cores, RAM and EPROM memories, etc. Most of the small ESP32 PCB 'modules' also support WiFi and/or Bluetooth, which is less common in the typical ESP32 price range. They are supported by high level languages, including C++ in the Arduino IDE. So in that sense, the ESP32 modules have the basic potential to support HIDs that only require a modest amount of these 'usual' connections.

Many microcontrollers are 'customised' with specific hardware/firmware interfaces to match particular peripheral devices, which with the obvious exception of a camera, may not be matched with the limited range of ESP32 modules variations readily available.

Perhaps, clarifying your question to refer to a more specific HID will help?

Best wishes, Dave