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Demo of how interrupts work

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Here's something I'd like to see. How would an interrupt signal from a microcontroller with a sensor cause a master board to behave differently? I assume this will be an eventual part of DB1, but I'd love to see this as it's own video for clarity.

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Have you checked out the Arduino reference pages?

Not trying to downplay your request, but there is some really, really good information on here that many people initially overlook when searching for an answer:



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Dan, have  you watched the following video?

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This is one of my questions also once the interrupt is triggered the  robot stops and starts the program over I need it to resume and carry on but I don't even have a nano yet nor is it hooked up to a pi I'm just running a simple sketch .I saw some of the code your working on pretty awesome ?.I guess I better get ready for this stage of it I just lack one more SBC and a Jetson to hook it to unless I can put a touch screen on the Jetson . but funding is running out .