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Dementia Clock, for people with failing memory

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My suggestion for New Content is a so called Dementia clock, for people with failing memory, such as my father. These are available on Amazon etc.. but are a bit ugly and are not configurable. They show the time of day as well things like 'It's Tuesday Evening' for example.

I'm thinking of  using an RTC as you have previously featured, and scrolling LED matrix displays using the MAX719 driver chip. There is an Arduino library call MD_Parola I'm trying to get to grips with. ( Q"> ) But am struggling with the code, as the examples are certainly not written for a novice programmer. I've got several examples working well, but changing them to suit my design is proving difficult. This library enables all sorts of effects such as scrolling sideways and up and down etc.. over as many LED matrices as you want. 
There are lots of examples using this library on YouTube, but all just use the supplied example code with minor tweaks.
If we are programming the code ourselves we can add custom timed messages like 'Take Medication Now' appearing at a certain time of day etc.. The clock could mostly show the time of day (not scrolling) and periodically show timed messages scrolling along. You could use the MD Parola library to add transitions such as scrolling up between messages.
I'm sure many people would find this interesting and of course the code can be modified in many ways.
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