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2020-09-11 4:22 pm

Seems an old post, but based on the reference images they supplied the ADC performance is greatly improved over the utterly dire ones I've experienced on the Arduino.

I don't know if anyone suggested this yet Bill, but my lorks, the ADCs on these fellas are noisy for sensitive measurements (as I learned when I got a cheap digital scope from China recently). This thing is so bad it's almost unusable and it's entirely down to ADC noise!

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2020-09-11 4:45 pm  

So is it the LPC1343 you are interested in, or an improved ADC?  Because the spec sheet for the LPC1343 shows that it also has a 10-bit ADC, the same resolution as the Arduino, although it probably is faster as its clock speed is a lot higher.  Otherwise, I'm puzzled as to what improvement you'd see here, unless it has a lower noise floor?

The ESP-32 has a 12-bit ADC and is faster than both chips.

Perhaps I'm missing the point here, so please feel free to enlighten me!





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