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A Raspberry Pi Course from basics

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Hello Sir,


Hope you are safe and healthy. I am a great fan of your youtube channel. It's just like there is any new video posted by you and I run all over it, title of the video is not needed!

I really love the content you explain on your channel. All of it is very informative and in some or the other way improves productivity. 

I have also seen your video tutorials on the raspberry pi. They were fabulous! I just have a small request. The thing is that I am very much interested in the raspberry pi. So it will be good if you start a series where you teach how to use the raspberry pi from basics on youtube. Just like the series you created on the DB1 robot.

I know that many of the basic concepts can be learnt from other people too ... but you really have a different technique of explaining things. You explain something once and we are able to fully grasp it.

I hope you except my suggestion sir


Thank You 😀