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Road block LCD issue DB1

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Well, I have succeeded finally in determining my issue with the LCD controlling the PWN to drive large gear motors.  With Steve's help, "Codecage", we were able to get me one level at a time insure, the proper installation of the libraries, the INO files, and the particularities of the various LCD shields being used. In our investigative process we looked into the "LCD_Key " library. in this folder was a "CPP" file. I right clicked on this file, chose "Edit" from the drop down and, in my case, looked at the code in Notebook. It showed values for the pressed keys that did not match the values my LCD returned. Once I put these corrected values into this file and saved it, I reloaded the complete program into the Arduino. Voula! it worked. I could now press the buttons on the LCD and the screen would respond with the "PWM and DIR" values changing. Now for the ultimate test, hook up to the motor board and motor. At first, I was "not" rewarded with an immediate response from the motor. I was able to see, from the indicator lights for direction on the MD10C, that I was able to change the direction signal.  I then decided to keep increasing the PWM value to see if the motor would start, and at which point it would start to turn. This proved to be the right thing to do. At about 50 on the PWM my motor started to turn, and I could vary the speed and direction at will. Surprisingly once the motor was running I could lower the speed to far less than the starting 50 to around 10. I have now tried several different motors with exactly the same results. Now I need to figure out how to stop the motor immediately without doing a complete reset. Then hooking up a second motor and board so it will be able to turn. Again, thanks to all who offered assistance to me and all of your suggestions.


S.E. Michigan

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