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WiFi Stepper Firmware

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Some recent news regarding the status of support for the WSX100 WiFi Stepper board:

Many of you may be aware of the disastrous fire situation in California this summer.  Andrew, the developer of the WSX100 project, is a firefighter in Santa Cruz, California.   Sadly, that leaves Andrew virtually no time to support the project.

I would like to ask anyone in the dronebotworkshop community who has a WSX100 board to please check the version of firmware files they may have on their PC.  As of the recent acquisition of my WSX100, firmware files "wifistepper.image.1.bin" and "wifistepper.image.2.bin" were available.  Neither of these firmware versions provide the GUI option of "STOP ON SWITCH" or "REVERSE ON SWITCH."  However, a beta version of the firmware does provide this capability. (BTW, the beta version of the WSX100 reviewed by Bill does provide the above mentioned capability.)  Please let me know if anyone has a beta version of the firmware file that precedes  "wifistepper.image.1.bin" version.

Thanks much for your attention.

The Modelman