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Jetbot Jupyter Notebook

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Has anybody used the Jupyter Notebook thingy that comes with the Jetbot ?

I figured that if ROS was going to be that much of a learning curve, I'd just go with the Jupyter Notebook that comes with the Jetbot. It's got the "Follow Me" program already in it, which is the main thing I wanted, so I thought that should be an easy thing to adapt (I'm still keeping the ROS cuz the LIDAR makes pretty pictures with it)

I replaced the drivers for the Featherwing that it was made for that uses I2C, with PWM signals for the MDD10, but, for some reason, the Jupyter Notebook won't acknowledge the programming update

I backed up and renamed the original file ( and replaced it with my own, which I also named, thinking that it would just pull my file instead of the other one, but, for some reason, it still sees the original even tho it's no longer actually there

Some googling said that I need to run "load_ext autoreload" and "autoreload", so I added those lines directly into the notebook, and it seems to be acknowledging the reload, but it isn't reloading

My only other thought (which I'll probably try this weekend) is to load the notebook into my gitlab server with the replaced, delete the existing one from the jetbot, then git clone from my own server with the hopes that it had never seen the original file in the first place

Admittedly, this is taking the long path, but, I can't test the file if I can't load it into the notebook