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Why I need all the help i can muster and Why I have a unique challenge that i need to solve. .please read

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Hello All the experts,

First i start with a Big thank you to the admins for allowing me to Join this group.

I have a unique situation and need to solve a real life challenge , and I need All the help i can get. I am describing the situation below..

I am an electronics engineer by profession, but other than Transistor level design i never tried anything with electronics component. I have a two year old son who has arm difference with prosthesis need for his right hand from Elbow and forearm and Hand.

Last two years i have worked with prosthesis providers but most of the providers are still has 19th century mindset some providers are extremely expensive with insurance company not willing to pay any experimental prosthesis device..

So, i decided to dedicate my time to design the full prosthesis myself, it may take years, but i am willing to learn and do everything that will help my son and any other future candidates..


So far what i have done:

Started on 3D Printing, already have two 3D printers and i am fairly experienced i would say to design any 3D design and print.. i have so far over 1000 hours of 3D printing experience.. i will continue to learn on this topic..


Next step, i need to learn electronic components, Servo, Artificial intelligence methods to design electronics for the prosthesis device, this is where i need this Forums HELP!..

My Idea: 

A tiny position/rotation sensor along with Wifi will be located in the upper arm section of the prosthesis. 

A candidate will be just move his upper arm / or provide gesture using his upper arm to move Servos located in Elbow or Hand section.


Upper arm will have a small battery, but elbow and forarm will have larger battery and Wifi connectivity with upper arm which will move with the candidates gesture. We may introduce some kind of AI plus some other sensor also on his upper arm.


As all of you can guess, i am desperate and will spend as much time or effort needed to accomplish this, it may take years but i am willing to get this done. ultimately i am sure this learning will  help other prosthesis design also.


Anyone who knows and can guess my challenge and willing to help can knock me, at the end of the day this will be something that will help everyone else.. And who knows we can even start a small startup someday to help a larger audience.. Please feel free to knock me if you are interested to join with me..


thank you All



Picture of upper arm Socket, which will have motion/gesture sensor with Wifi to move servo located in detachable forearm. 















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I assume you have explored all the solutions being worked on?


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@robotbuilder : Thanks for the Link.. No i have started about 6 months back, i am sure i will continue to learn and gather information while i work on my prototype. thank you..

Cost is a big problem.. Also, i do not think we have used all the available technologies yet.. things can be much better..

I have seen this link before.. I am sure with enough time we can do better.. there must be some kind of AI, there must be some kind of gesture recognition..




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Welcome to the forum.  I'm sure most everyone here will help at any level you want.  There is plenty of experience here in many facets.  I think if you asked more specific/pointed questions to some hurdle you're having, you might get a timely and pointed response.  

Just reading your message, I came away wondering exactly how to best communicate with the prosthesis.  I don't know anything about human to/from computer interfaces.  Be it skin electrical pulses or muscle flexure in the upper arm.  The AI... you mention... I'm assuming is to "learn" a common language (human/computer)... or did you have some other AI meaning?

Anyway, good luck!



P.S. - @robotbuilder - I was able to see the page.  When I get some bandwidth, I'll actually watch the video.  Thanks for posting.

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