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So happy to be here!!

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Hello Everyone!!  My name is Amar and I live in the UK. I've been watching the dronebot workshop videos for a couple of weeks now and I've found them incredibly inspiring. So far...  I've managed to get an experiment with motors and the L298N bridge working (went well!!) and I am now trying my hand at the MPU-6050. (Not going so well!)  I'll leave that for another post in the appropriate section... after all this is meant to be an introduction to myself. I did a degree in mechatronics/control systems what feels like a lifetime ago! Unfortunately my career took me away from this area - I work as an IT Consultant now. I've often dreamt of getting back to my true passion at least as a hobby but I haven't been able to for various reasons. Now - Finally!! and mainly due to the very inspiring dronebot workshop videos I'm taking my first baby steps and thoroughly enjoying myself!!! It's so nice to be here! Thank you Bill for making those videos and for making this space possible.  

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Hello Amar and welcome to the forum.

I am sure you will find the forum a very helpful resource so do post away your questions and queries.

Enjoy the learning!


Ron B (Stafford, UK)


Ron Bentley
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Welcome to the forum Aman, @theflexcapacitor

I'm sure you will find it a very good resource, both for hardware, and software development.




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@theflexcapacitor IIRC, there was a few problems with the MPU6050 code. Let me know what problems you are having, I may still have a fix floating around.

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