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Hello, I'm RonalT and I live in the south of the Netherlands.

Until December 7, 2021 I worked in a sugar factory as an electrician.
In my spare time I ride a motorbike, a sport bicycle and I am a miller of a corn windmill, the Heimolen (1866) in Rucphen.
And I'm a administrator of the Dutch Gold Wing Forum

And what do I have with Arduino....
My son was doing an education and needed an ARDUINO for that. After his training, that thing lay here and I started to build a counter that can measure the revolutions of the sails of the mill. After the necessary research and looking at lessons, such as from the DBWS and 'Bas on Tech' (Dutch), I managed to count the revolutions. This developed further with a display, use of EEprom, I checked whether a WiFi connection was useful (no, takes too much time) and some more.

I'm trying to aducate myself in this way! 


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Excellent, welcome to the forum.

You can count on us for help  🙂

Anything seems possible when you don't know what you're talking about.

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