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I'm Julian, 40 years old, and from Bremen, Germany. My pronouns are he/him. I work as software engineer, and love Open Source and Linux.


Two months ago, I bought a microcontroller as a gift for a friend and enjoyed programming it. This reignited my interest in that topic and I bought some more for my own enjoyment.


My projects this year were two speaking plant monitors using moisture sensors and ESP8266 boards, and a mailbox sensor using reed switches and a ESP-01S. All of them are integrated in my home assistant.


For researching I stumbled over your videos and learned a lot, especially the ones about ESPs.


I remember having fun programming a biped robot at university and might start a robotics related project soon. I enjoyed your DS1 videos and will keep them in mind.


I hope to have a fun time in this forum, helping others whenever I can, learning new things, and getting inspiration for new projects.

Current projects:
- Modding my Gameboy Advance SP
- Turning Dalek into robot
Finished projects:
- Talking plant monitor (ESP8266)
- Mail box monitor (ESP8266-01S)
Other devices:
- Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB running Home Assistant

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Hi @rommudoh, Welcome to the forum!

You came to the right place as there are many in this forum with a variety of technical knowledge in the art of software and hardware project development. The skill sets vary from novice to very experienced, so everyone gets a chance to learn something, or contribute. 

Looking forward to seeing how you progress on your future projects..