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Newbie from Southern Indiana  


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2020-05-28 4:40 am  

Hi, I'm Dale. I'm an electronics tech by trade, and hobbyist tinkerer. Anything mechanical, I'm also interested in fabrication and now CNC, thanks in part to my wife who got me a 3D printer for Christmas and a coworker who showed me V1 Engineering's website. I've printed all the parts for both the MPCNC and the Lowrider2, and have assembled the CNC to the point of seeing motion - just today!

I'll lurk for awhile to get a feel for the place, and start throwing questions soon. Thanks for having me. 

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2020-05-28 6:41 am  

Hi Dale!

Welcome Aboard!

Congratulations on getting your CNC built and running!!   I am in the process of building The Gatton CNC...  have a lot more to do...  Going slow just in spare time...

I got the Artillery SX1 3D printer a few months ago and really LOVE it...  I am using Fusion 360 (as much as I can) for simple things to print...  Getting other things from other places to print...  Works great!  I am NOT to the point of printing CNC parts!!

You will have FUN here...   Enjoy!


Have Fun,
Joe Lyddon