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New to The Workshop!

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Dave and I'm new to the Workshop here at the DroneBot Workshop! I'm a retired autoworker/electrician/manager. I've gone through a few hobbies since retiring and Covid, now looking to getting back to doing some playing around with electronics. I'm initially looking at playing with an ESP32 Cam board and building a WiFi remote camera for the bird house. May be too late for this year, but I should have something ready for next spring!


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Welcome to the forum, Dave!

I built a birdhouse (from a kit, I'm not that talented) with my son about 25 years ago, however we could never persuade a bird to live in it! Hopefully you'll have better luck and can peek at them with the ESP323 CAM.

ESP32-CAM is actually capable of image recognition, so perhaps you can get it to recognize your house's different residents!



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