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2020-02-26 3:16 pm  

Hello all,

I am new here and excited to join this community.
Hope I can learn new stuff and mightbe giving something back from my personal experiences over the past decades in multiple fields.
Background: Retired electronics engineer at the age of 66 years.
Interested in all kind of electronics, microcontroller projects (Arduino, RaspBerry PI, Teensy), music and woodworking.

Some projects of the recent past:
Diverse PCB layouts with KiCAD, amongst them a "TransTimer" - a time adjustable signal generator for my Landroid lawn mowing robot, based on Arduino Nano.
Remodelled Wurlitzer jukebox - have thrown out all mechanical stuff - no spare parts available anymore - and replaced with electronics (google for "Raspberry PI, fruitbox").
Woodworking: All kind of bird houses - just finished a Bavarian style luxury home for our feathered guests.
Owner of  two 3D printers (Cetus 3D and PRUSA i3 MK3S); Laser engraving and small CNC machine. CNC projects include some lithophane projects and backlit acrylic pictures.

Kind regards from Germany.

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Hello Raimund and welcome to the forum!  I'm sure you'll learn a lot and contribute much as well considering your background.

There are several here on the forum that have been dabbling with PCB design using KiCad.  So we may be picking your brains for tidbits of knowledge from time to time.

I have taken two of Bill's designs for DB1 and had PCBs made that came out pretty good and I currently have them running on my version of DB1, Willy Nilly.  And I have just started the PCB layout of one of Bill's latest designs, the I/O Distribution board.  I'll probably let that one cook for just a bit before committing to the PCB manufacturer in case of any forthcoming design changes waiting in the wings.

Welcome aboard!



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