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Hello all! Greetings from Denmark!

I'm looking forward to be part of this forum family.

I'm a newbie when it comes to electronics, but a old dog when it comes to (web) software development. So somethings will be very hard and some things I'll find easy.

In any case, I'm coming into electronics because I needed a new hobby for fun and profit. I like the idea of bringing something from code out into the real world and already made a prototype for "the next big thing" (admittedly in a very very specific niche). So a lot of my questions will likely be around ruggedizing and "finishing" projects. Up to and including mass production on a small scale. 

While I'm barely crawling hardware wise, I hope to be able to help others on the software side, especially when it comes to internet connected devices and associated services in the cloud, which is my career the past few decades.