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New Guy George Sayin Hey,

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I came across Bill’s YouTube channel and was impressed by his presentation and relaxed demeanor. I’m now sort of a “Bill junkie”.

I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area of North Texas.  Over the last few years, I’ve been interested in playing with Arduino’s of various sorts and now looking at ESP32 use in IOT applications.

Never formally trained in electronics, I find it intriguing taking a few IC chips, discrete components, and wires, and making them do real world stuff. Fascinating.

I’m always impressed by the sense of community around this hobby and the generous nature of those who graciously share their time and knowledge. 

Looking forward to this forum. 

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Welcome to the forum GeoPot..Indeed, there are many folks on here that have a wealth of information to share..I too am a newby to the forum, but not to Electronics in general.. It was my hobby 40 years ago..but as most things in life, work, family and other pursuits displaced it..But now I'm on again at 75..never to old to learn..I'm also interested in iot and what can be automated with them..looking forward to your next project..

I'm working on a project now to find the value of an unknown resistance using a keypad to select the range resistors in a voltage divider's mostly for the programming experience in using C++..