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My introduction as a new member  


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2020-07-15 3:45 pm  

hello to all, 

my name is Marcel, I am 51 y.o. and I live in the Netherlands. I used to work in the mobile telecom industry for 20 yrs (RF engineer, TDM/VoIP/Private GSM engineering) and in 2018 I made a career switch to the avionics industry where I work now as an electronics technician and I repair electronic turbine engine controllers (often referred to as "FADEC's")  In this job I got IPC certified (e.g. quality solderings under the microscope by hand) and that also helps a lot in the hobby! I prefer to work with ESP32's, but sometimes the Arduino UNO's and ESP8266's are a nice "weapon of choice" as well.  I hope to learn from each other and will share my knowledge whenever I think it will help others to make a step forward.

Kind regards and let's have some electronic fun together!