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Knock ! Knock ! Knock ! knock !  


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2020-10-27 10:16 am  

Hello Drone Bot Workshop Community !

I've been watching the workshop Youtube channel for a few months now. I got the blinking sketch run on Arduino and the ESP 32 for now 😎 and playing with the Raspberry PI 4 as a media server 

I'm from an industrial automation world (DCS,PLC,HMI) where everything is licensed. So coming to this community where hardware and software are open will be fun. GiTHub is new to me.

The forum will help me to get and share information and experience from you, the other members on

Domotic Projects:

  • controlling lighting (dimming, on-off,color change)
  • communicating with IoT (intelligent thermostat as an example)
  • Home made weather station

I2C-I2S - projects:

with already available I2C-I2S I/O modules and sensors


Understanding librairies used in the different program shown on the channel

There a lot of interresting projects out here, a lot or reading and watching to come


From Montréal - Canada