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I studied electronic at a technical high school in Connecticut back in the late 1960s, much of the world was still using vacuum tubes back then but we learned about transistors and computer logic, built flip-flop circuits with transistors and I even had a HAM license (Novice - WN1FCO).

  I have been an electrical contractor in Colorado and Vermont and  owned a telephone interconnect business then got into Lotus Notes software and did business process improvement software and then websites.  I have been a business consultant for the last stretch but am primarily retired now but building Arduino and esp32 projects .  I haven't reviewed the link policy so I won't leave a link, but I once built a catch-and-release mouse trap with Arduino that emailed you when it caught a mouse, it's still on Kickstarter somewhere. 

I cam currently focused on boat projects for my Gemini Catamaran which we "sailed" from Florida (during Covid) back to Nova Scotia where we live, and am trying to graduate from the simplified world of Arduino to the cold hard world of real C++ programing for ESP32 projects. While I owned and ran a software development company that employed over 20 people, unfortunately  I myself never really learned to program.  I was mostly the business guy and project manager.

I have dabbled with programing staring with BASIC, then VB, then Fox-pro (I think it was called) then did a bit of MySQL and as mentioned Notes/Domino and some web stuff.  But I only ever learned enough to make things work, as prototypes I suppose, and then hired people who actually knew what they were doing to deliver to customers. 

So I am exploring what kind of resources may be available to help with my current endeavors and maybe just possibly I may be able to offer something to someone else.  But as above, for the most part I am really not very knowledgeable in the coding world.  Once I get a feel for this forum I will see what might make sense to post.   That's my story

Thanks for the very helpful videos. 

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Welcome @donwinchell..Indeed, most of us here are in the same boat..trying to learn "hard core C++

I'm sure with your previous knowledge we can glean some tips and tricks from you..

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