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Hello, my name is Ted from Wisconsin.     This is my first post.  I am recently retired and finding this extra time wonderful.   I have been building woodcarving cnc gantry machines for a while now and have a rather limited knowledge of electronics but have done a quite a bit of programming.(you do not need much electronics knowledge to build digital machines).   In the past I was using the 8051 microcontroller but have switched to Ardueno.   The reason for this is the fast USB connections of today make complex and large programs at the microcontroller less necessary.    The medium skill level of dronebot tutorials is perfect for me.   I have more recently gotten more interested in robotics to work with my grandkids.    Also I have done some 3D printing and aluminum casting and machine shop.   Much of the 3D prints are of objects designed in fusion 360.  All of these things could be used with robotics, especially 3D printing.  I have not participated on a forum before so lets see how this  goes 🙂

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@tedsykora Welcome ! I'm sure you'll like the discussions here !