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2020-10-14 4:11 pm  

@dronebot-workshop Bill.....Thank You for the kind words. It was My Honor and Privilege to have served in US Army and defend this great country of ours. Through out my military career I was always fascinated by Tech, and the devolvement of Technology. I just never had the opportunity to dig into this field due to our Operational Tempo in concerns with the  Global war on Terrorism. Now being retired after 23yrs of service all I have is the Honey Do List and now I have this opportunity to learn and place into motion, some of the Tech and how it functions and work. I am very excited and can not wait to get started.


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2020-10-14 5:02 pm  


Hi Kevin, welcome to the forum!

Posted by: @kevin333

I have recently finished building the Smart Robot with the help of Paul Mc whorter of on one of his courses.

You'll find that Paul has a lot of fans here, myself included.  And we also have RC and model railway enthusiasts as well, so you're in good company.





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2020-10-14 6:12 pm  

Thanks bill very kind of you to say

kindest regards


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2020-10-17 4:14 pm  

Hello group!

My name is Mike and I am a research scientist in the aerospace industry. I love all things arduino and do my best to automate anything I can!

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2020-10-21 12:57 am  

I am a 77 year old retired Electrical Engineer that left the Hi-Tech world about 8 years ago (designed and managed disk drive products). I like keeping my hand in. One area that I have lots of interest is IoT (Internet of Things).

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