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Introduce myself

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Hello everyone,

I'm nicky de Groot, I'm 41 years old and I live in Belgium.

My interests are PCs, games, soldering, electricity (basic knowledge), music and recently also rasberry pi, arduino... .
I have a wife (38) and 2 children aged 12 years and 11 months and 11 years and one cool dog.

My english is not too good but hope to be understandable?
If there are any questions... Shoot.


Nicky aka QwareSniper


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@qwaresniper Welcome aboard  Nicky, when you are ready to start a project, ask for help, just have some tech questions there are specific forums for all that and more.

First computer 1959. Retired from my own computer company 2004.
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Major Languages - Machine language, 360 Macro Assembler, Intel Assembler, PL/I and PL1, Pascal, Basic, C plus numerous job control and scripting languages.
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Welcome to the forum. Your english reads well.

This a great place for raspberry and arduino etc, not so much for music 🤣.



Ron B

Ron Bentley
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