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I am Reiner from Nuremberg/Germany

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My name is Reiner Nothdurft, born in Hannover/Germany in 1958. During my studies to reach my diploma as an Electrical Engineer I found a lot of fun in learning programming languages.

Thus, I started my career as a SW developer for real-time controllers in telecommunication industry at Philips, later AT&T and Lucent ..., where I worked mainly in the development of mobile communication infrastructure systems.

A couple of years ago I moved to a Continental daughter in Automotive industry as there is almost no future in developing telecommunication equipment in Europe apart from niches.

Since years I am looking for the best skilled poeple to build the best teams, but this means I cannot satisfy my technological interests so much.

So, I run my home network of raspberries and desktop computers (for ecological reasons only part time) based on Linux, where I have my nextcloud, squeezebox server, home assistant, octoprint, dokuwiki, backup servers etc. installed.

I am using home assistant to manage a croud of power sockets, the media servers, some other controllers to control like the shutters mainly based on raspberry pico, ESP8266 or ESP32, but also have an overview on power consumption.

Most of my devices are running Tasmota, but since a while I am planning to create my own weather and air quality controller. I have started some investigations, but I am still in an initial phase.

And in private? I am married since the early 80ies to a woman from Budapest and have two boys with her. I am playing golf since a couple of years and in winter like cross-country skiing. For some years I still want to continue working maybe with reduced capacity, but it is still fun to me, though it does not help to invest more in my hobbies. 

How did I stumble across this workshop? It was only some months ago, when I was searching youtube for some channels about raspberries and ESP devices. I got stuck at this workshop, because I found things quite well explained, and while I new most of the things I saw, it was great to watch someone who brought some things in a project together and made them fit.

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Welcome Reiner. It looks like you have a very wide range if skills and experience which will chime well with the forum.

Looking forward to your contributions.


Ron B

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