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Hopelessly Curious in Houston, TX

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Greetings all, I'm a retired petroleum engineer in Houston, TX (USA) and hopelessly curious about pretty much everything.  I picked an Arduino starter kit about a month ago and the DroneBotWorkshop videos on YouTube have been filling the gap between my curiosity and what the starter kit offers.

Aside from knowing a few basic electrical concepts I'm new to tinkering with electronics.   I did a little Fortran coding "back in the day" which has been really helpful in getting up to speed with Arduino coding.  It least I have some concept about how programs work.

That said, it hasn't taken me long to "get in over my head" on a project or two and I'm looking foward to having a place to go with questions and to getting to see what others are up to.

I'm looking forward to learning a lot here and maybe, after a lot more work, having a little to contribute.


-- Kevin

ron bentley
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Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will find it a great to hang out and get answers to any questions you may have.

The membership is broad in experience and whatever your need I'm sure you'll find a member to assist.


Ron B

Ron Bentley
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