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Hello everyone, I am a father with two girls working on an animatronic prop with my girls.  They have seen and participated in numerous 3D printed projects and its encouraging their interest in engineering and electronics.  We are now getting into coding and Arduino, we have used TinkerCad to our amazement, but I want them to see a more complicated mechanisms including computer code to spark their imaginations and encourage their own projects.  Pleasure to be here, look forward to years of interaction. 

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Welcome to the forum and congratulations getting your kids involved in this hobby.  

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

It's really great to see children getting involved and I am sure it will pay dividends.


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@hinobot I am an example of that early childhood influence. In grade 7 the science teacher got us to do some extracurricular projects. For some reason I don't recall I chose crystal radio set. My grandfather taught me how to make tuners out of round cardboard boxes and neaty wound wire etc. That led to a lifetime of involvement and career with electricity, computers and electronics. Someday your girls will thank you.

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