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Hi, my name is Wolfgang from Germany  


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2020-08-14 9:41 pm  

Hi folks,

I am 56 years old, married, 2 children from 1st marriage.

Living in the south of Germany.

I mainly work on the development of database programs and statistical analysis of machine data. The language is written in C # and depends on the task as a WinForm and console application.
Almost 40 years ago I trained as an electrician for domestic installations. It felt like about 10 minutes after the Stone Age. Electronics was unfortunately not part of the training.
In principle, it doesn't bother me because I'm an autodidact myself.
A few months ago I suddenly developed an interest in electronics, which is slowly but surely developing into a dear hobby.
The plan is to first understand the sensors and use them sensibly. I'm still at war with C ++, but it works - somehow.
In the next step, I will probably move on to focus on home automation. I have enough ideas.
The last area I would like to deal with, of course, is robotics.
I am really happy to be part of this community now.

friendly greetings to everyone

If I am not here, then I am most probably somewhere else

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2020-08-15 3:28 am  

Hello Wolfgang,

I visited Southern Germany a long time ago during the Octoberfest in Stuttgart. I was in the army

at the time. It was the only way I could travel for cheap. My best friend is an electrician and it is

a lot of labor, pulling wires, bending conduit etc. You'll love what arduino can bring to the hobbyist.

It is a good way to get started in electronics and programming.

I am from New Hamphire (in the U.S.) not Hampshire in (U.K.) although I think the people

that settled this area where from the (U.K)

Welcome to the forum


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2020-08-15 5:04 pm  


Believe it or not... I already in love with it. And thanks to Bill's great Tutorials I can learn fast.
This is real great stuff.

By the way. Germany, not exactly the middle of the south is a great place to live. Not too much culture there, because only villages and small cities, but we seldom have disasters and economy is still good.

At where I work (High Tech Company for optical lenses and devices) is world wide leading in its area. So my last few years before retiere are save for me.

friendly greetings to you 

If I am not here, then I am most probably somewhere else