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Hi - My name is Bill!

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Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Bill and I have a workshop, one that you may be familiar with from my videos and articles.  The DroneBot Workshop is the place where I work on robotics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other electronics projects.

I live in the suburbs of Montreal, Canada's second largest city. I have also lived in Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, and Honolulu HI.

I've been working with electronics in one form or another since I built a crystal radio (does anyone remember those?) when I was seven. My grandfather was an avid ham radio operator and my father was an engineer in the aerospace industry, I credit both of them as my inspiration to get into this amazing field.

I have worked as an electronics technician, a systems analyst, a service technician and as a software developer.  I've worked for small companies, large organizations, two governments (in Alberta and Hawaii) and as a private consultant.

One thing I have always wanted to do was to teach. The website and YouTube channel have both made this possible, and the feedback I have received from my viewers and readers has been nothing short of amazing.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you on the forum!


"Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window." — Steve Wozniak

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