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Hi from Steve Aldrich, Washington state, USA

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Hi, My name is Steve but I was assigned the user name Eliza. Eliza was an early artificial intelligence program from around 1970. It started with (worker) Hello. I used that phrase when I signed up for the forum and said my name was Eliza. This was an attempt at a Turing test for the forum admin.

I really enjoy Arduino and have created a few interesting magic tricks with Arduino working behind the scenes. Dronebot workshop was especially helpful when I wanted to get 2 Arduinos to talk to each other.

I have a degree in computer science and worked as a software engineer for a while. I have used C, perl, java, COBOL, Fortran, Atari LOGO, assembly language, Pascal, PHP, Python etc.

I live on a tiny apple orchard near Yakima.

I hope to meet some interesting friends on this forum.


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Welcome to the forum Steve. Good choice of handles, we have more Steves than Elizas 🙂

I was kidnapped by mimes.
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Welcome to the forum Steve.. !  Good to have experienced programmers  on the forum so all of us HW guys can learn the art of

have fun, and be safe,

kind regards,



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Guess I failed the Turing test! 🤣 

But I think you are the only Eliza while I am one of the many Steves


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Welcome. I mucked about with Eliza for fun on UNIX III, so that'll date me, lol. Great fun. I'm a fellow multi-lingual software jockey, although I only ever did one project in COBOL, two in FORTRAN, and swore never again. I'm a C# aficionado, and have recently scraped the rust off my hardware, err - I hesitate to call them "chops" ... "hacks" might be a better word, lol.

Yakima's purtty. 🙂 I'm in Ottawa, Canada.

Welcome. I'm sure you'll find all manner of kindred here.

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