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"Hi" from Dave based near Gloucester, England, UK  

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Hi all,

Thanks for inviting me to join your forum.

Science, including electronics, has been a major part of my life, and now I am retired I am enjoying the opportunity to look at things I didn't have time for in the past. For example, I first encountered a 'mainframe' computer in a short introductory course for Fortran IV using punched cards and 'piano' lineprinter paper, as part of my first year Physics practical at University, and have been entwined with computational systems ever since.

Hence, I have an eclectic set of interests and look forward to expanding them with the help of all who contribute to this forum.


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Welcome aboard! I started with punch cards myself.


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Welcome to you. I sort of know the area, my father in law lived high in the Cotswolds and insisted on flying to us here on the IOM from Gloucester, his reason being there were speed cameras on the Oxford road!

My earliest computing was Commodore 64 and program cards for washing machine cycles.

Aye, Kim

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