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Hi from Anglesey, North Wales, UK

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Hello All


Thanks Bill for setting things up.


I recently retired with a plan to tackle some long standing projects, one of which is the restoration of my 1978 VW Camper.  When I started looking at the wiring diagrams I noticed that originally it had a diagnostic socket.  This did some basic stuff like check the lighting circuits and ground connections.  However it was also able to check ignition timing and compression, all from analogue inputs.  Unfortunately there aren’t any of the diagnostic machines left running.  So this is one of the projects I have in mind to add some smart features to my old van.


In the mean time, my nephew has a Rubik’s cube and he gets very upset when people mess it up.  So we are having a go at a machine to solve the cube.  


Really enjoying learning new stuff, thanks for your help Bill.