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Hi every one I'm John from Blackpool UK.

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well I fianly made it onto the forum.I'M 74 have been intrested in electronic's from the 60's building transistor radios so friends could listen to pirate radio stations and radio it's arduino ESP32 and the Pi. stiill need help now and then 😀 so looking forward to meeting you all on here.


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Hey John, thats interesting. I am 77 (dutch) and i saw a few other oldies. So by the looks of it we arent braindead yet! I haVE the      OTTOY DIY  robot coming in today so i will be back here with my stories and disasters as they float by !

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Welcome!  My Pop built radios too and that is what got me started.  While my career was as a software developer, now that I'm retired I've jumped into the Arduino world.  Lot's of fun!

Hope you enjoy yourself!