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Hi, Curt here from Charleston, SC, USA

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I'm Curt. I live in Charleston, SC, USA. I'm 53,  I've been writing software since I was 14. I'm just now focusing in on electronics.

I found Bill's videos and just by watching a few I was able to create some neat devices to help alleviate some of the manual labor of making chocolate (another hobby of mine).

I want to make some more complex bots with Arduinos, ESP32s, Rasberry Pis and what ever else is available.

I do a lot of work in Azure and I'm starting to explore things in AI. Looking into Tensor Flow for a chocolate project that will investigate chocolate beans and determine which ones are good / bad and sort them. I want to use maybe the ESP32 cams to take pictures, feed that to a larger controller and feed that into a larger application in the cloud that's doing the harder AI . . . who knows? . . . we'll see . . . maybe I'll just keep making chocolate and playing . . . 

Happy to be hear with some of the coolest people on the planet having the most fun I've had in a really, long time . . . reach out if you have software questions and I'll do my best to help.

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Welcome from Canada! I'd be interested to hear more about your projects. Intrigued. Most of my past with AI-ish stuff was in GA algorithms, but the onboard edge vision processing stuff available looks shiny. 

Strikes me the challenge with machine learning apps is in constructing a the training data.

Good community here - enjoy 🙂

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