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Hello from South East Michigan, the mitten state! I am Terry, recently retired also, and have been dabbling in electronics for quite a while now. But much like my guitar playing I have only learned how to practice well, still can't play much! lol. Over the last fifteen years I have built, from scratch a complete tube based stereo system. Actually, several but I finally achieved what I was striving for so I have now turned to more modern-day electronics. My son first introduced me to the Arduino, from there it has been a real ride. I built a Laser etcher from MakeBlok, then I built a CNC from what I learned with the etcher. I have more hobbies than sense or time so I am spread pretty thin most of the time. Thanks to all for the add to this forum as well as to all of the other contributors, who make these endeavors possible!


Terry Cummins