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I am a retired Electronics Tech. I have started restoring a 87 Suzuki Samurai that I want to add some electronics to, I have way more questions than answers 

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@rwilkinson38 Welcome to the forum. I have done a lot of work on my 42ft RV which is also a 12V platform like your car so I might have some insight. When you are ready post your questions in the appropriate forum/sub-forum.

First computer 1959. Retired from my own computer company 2004.
Hardware - Expert in 1401, and 360, fairly knowledge in PC plus numerous MPU's and MCU's
Major Languages - Machine language, 360 Macro Assembler, Intel Assembler, PL/I and PL1, Pascal, Basic, C plus numerous job control and scripting languages.
Sure you can learn to be a programmer, it will take the same amount of time for me to learn to be a Doctor.