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Hello! This is Peter. Boeing 727-200 enthusiast and Arduino beginner.  

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Hello Bill,

hello everyone.

My name is Peter, I am german, 63 years old,  doctorated in technical chemistry at RWTH-Aachen, and living since 1988 in Brazil. I have worked in development, production, quality control, and environmental technology for some multinational and national companies. I also worked in the MBA program of Getulio Vargas Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, a Brazilian higher education institution and think tank founded on December 20, 1944, with a mission "To stimulate Brazil’s socio-economic development".

Actually I work together with my Brazilian wife, a german language teacher, as sparring partner“ for conversation in german with our students. Many of them are studying chemical engineering at São Paulo University, which has a campus here in Lorena - SP.

My hobby is the construction/restoration of original Boeing 727-200 panels, such as MAIN PANEL, OVERHEAD PANEL, 2nd ENGINEERS PANEL, RADIOBOX and THROTTLE QUADRANT. I began my collection in 2007 and bought all original instruments and panels, in excellent quality and with fair prices, from Capt. Nick Louis, chairman of APHS, Airline Pilot´s Historical Society, in Illinois, USA. APHS is a non-profit, charitable foundation whose purpose is to educate through the preservation of aircraft parts and components. The money Nick and his sons raise goes either to educational projects, or to children's hospitals and organizations that specialize in the needs of children.

The physical mounting is nearly finished. Now, I want to work with the ARDUINOS to connect these panels and instruments to X-Plane 11 Flight simulator (as far, as I can).

Especially I want to drive SYNCHRO (Transmitters / Receivers) "SELSYNS" by ARDUINO. Normally , in aviation, these SYNCHROS are AC driven at 400 Hz with a 28 V Rotor and three 11.8 V coils (each 120°). For some instruments, the voltage can be up to 115 V.


There are two types of application of SYNCHROS that I need help and that I want to discuss on this forum:

  1. Moving SYNCHROS by ARDUINO, used as “motors” to drive the exact position of indicator needles or discs on aircraft instruments, such as on the RADIO MAGNETIC INDICATOR (RMI).

I want directly connect the 3 stator coils and the rotor coil to 4 H-Bridges per SYNCHRO and drive them by the ARDUINO, using the PWM-Mode.

  1. Measuring the exact position of SYNCHROS by ARDUINO, to determine mechanical inputs on a scale, such as done by the SET ALTITUDE INDICATOR.

I will create two SUBFORUMS in the ARDUINO Forum: SYNCHROS "SELSYNS" as Output Devices and SYNCHROS ”SELSYNS” as Input Devices.

I am a beginner with Arduino programming. Therefore I would need and appreciate the help of some specialists in the forum.

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