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Hello My Names Andrew

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My Names Andrew, I work on in the Rail industry repairing Locomotives as an Industrial Electrician, I have a couple of Honda Preludes that I'm working on, and am interested in Arduino Microcontrollers and would like use them to do some electrical mods on them.

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Hey Andrew, welcome! There's a lot of depth, i.e. a lot you can do with Arduinos. I tend to prefer the Arduino Nano myself, very inexpensive, compact, same capabilities as the Uno, so I've been able to follow along with the experiments/projects here on DBWS. I also dabble in Home Automation via the Sonoff, but that's just chopping a two-wire extension cord and inserting the device (ESP8266 based), to end up with smart WiFi extension cords. Real electrician skills leave me in awe. Take care, John

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