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Hello from Pennsylvania, USA  


Mark C
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2020-03-25 4:30 am  

My name is Mark and I am new to the forum. I retired about 10 years ago. After I completed school thinking I would become an EE, life had other plans and a job shortage steered me to Computer software engineering which was on fire. I have always kept my hand in the EE side of things although while it's the same physics, it's hardly the same technology 40 years later. Anyway we are planning to downsize in the near future which meant unloading all my hobbies, Ham radio, Garden trains, RC heli's Auto mechanics, leaving only room for what else but micro electronics. Perfect timing for me, I can fit a full shop into a corner even. So I dumped my 10Mhz analog O'scope and bought one of the tiny fancy 100Mhz 4 channel models and the rest with it. I am learning a lot about Pi's, Arduino's and Pic's and have done a few projects with each. It's a ton of fun as a lot of the learning resources are free now. If only they were all the same quality of DBWS.  Looking forward to pouring into the forum here. And see what people are doing. I am also on Facebook for fun, drop me a request.

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2020-03-29 7:03 am  

Hi Mark !

Lots of projects to be had here, and lots of info, and lots of hair-pulling here

Have fun geeking out 😎